Wash & Dry

Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt with Bug Remover - AG1015

Meguiar’s Autogroom Lambswool Wash Mitt will absolutely pamper your paintwork.


Meguiars Microfibre Wash Pad Sponge - AG1020

A newly developed deep pile ultra premium microfibre delivers incredible cleaning power and exceptional pick-up and release of dirt & grime with a high foaming action.


Meguiars Microwipe Super-Glide Chamois (Regular) - AG6000

The ultimate performer when it comes to wiping-dry sensitive finishes.


Meguiars Microwipe Super-Glide Chamois (Large) - AG6300

You may think that a natural chamois is best because it’s natural – think again.


Meguiars Soft Buff Synthetic Chamois (Large) 68cm x 44cm - CHLGC

Our superior construction doesn’t grab or stick to paintwork thereby significantly reducing the chances of trapped dirt particles being dragged across the finish.


Meguiars Soft Buff Synthetic Chamois Small 43cm x 37cm - CHSMC

A special grade of PVA cloth that has excellent water absorption yet allows slip.