Komatsu D65-12 Bulldozer 24v A/C Heater Blower Fan Motor *Denso*

Heater blower fan motor to suit Komatsu D65-12 Bulldozer


Great Wall V240 A/C Air Con Evaporator 2009-On *Jayair*

Air conditioning evaporator to suit 06/2009 - 08/2016 Great Wall V240 models


Chrysler PT Cruiser Radiator suit Auto or Manual 2000 Onwards *New*

Radiator to suit 07/2000 onwards Chrysler PT Cruiser


Chrysler PT Cruiser Radiator Thermo Fan suit 2000 Onwards Models *New*

Radiator fan to suit 07/2000 - Onwards Chrysler PT Cruiser


Intercooler to suit Isuzu Dmax D-Max TFS 2012-2020 Models

Intercooler to suit 06/2012 - 06/2020 Isuzu TFS D-Max 3ltr 4JJ1TCX Turbo diesel models


Intercooler to suit Isuzu Mu-X 3ltr 4JJ1TC TFS 2013 Onwards Models

Intercooler to suit 11/2013 onwards Isuzu Mu-X 3ltr 4JJ1TCX Turbo diesel models


Chrysler 300C Radiator Twin Thermo Cooling Fans V6 & V8 2005-2012 *New*

Twin thermo fan setup to suit 11/2005 - 01/2012 Chrysler 300C V6 & V8 models


Radiator to suit Chrysler Sebring 2.4ltr EDZ 2.7ltr EER V6 2007-2011

Radiator to suit 05/2007 - 04/2011 Chrysler Sebring 2.4ltr EDZ & 2.7ltr EER V6 petrol models


Chrysler Voyager Radiator suit 2004-2008 Models *New*

Radiator to suit 11/2004 - 04/2008 Chrysler Voyager models


Automatic Radiator suit Lexus GS300 JZS160 1997-2005

Radiator to suit 08/1997 - 01/2005 Lexus JZS160 GS300 models


Mini Cooper R50 Radiator suit 1.6 Petrol Manual 2002-2007 *New*

Radiator to suit 03/2002 - 03/2007 Mini R50 Cooper 1.6ltr petrol manual models


Great Wall V200 K2 Diesel A/C Condenser 2011-On

A/C Condenser + Receiver Drier to suit 08/2011 - on Great Wall V200 K2 2.0ltr Diesel


Radiator To Suit Lexus RX400H MHU38R 3.3ltr 3MZFE 2006-2008

Radiator to suit 09/2006 - 12/2008 Lexus MHU38R RX400H 3.3ltr 3MZFE V6 Hybrid models


Auto Radiator For Lexus MCU38 RX330 3.3ltr 3MZ-FE V6 2005-2006

Radiator to suit 05/2005 - 01/2006 Lexus MCU38 RX330 3.3ltr 3MZ-FE models


Chrysler 300C Radiator suit 3.0 & 3.5 V6 Models 2005-Onwards *New*

Radiator to suit 11/2005 onwards Chrysler 300C V6 models